Honey House Pottery

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      Isaiah 64:8 

In the history steeped town of Farmville, Virginia, nestled in an orchard of heirloom pears and vintage apples, bees and butterflies share the bounty of wildflowers and honeysuckle lining the lazy, winding path that leads to Honey House Pottery.

Travelers down this path are greeted with soothing breezes infused with the smell of honey from the hives on the orchard's edge and a sky peppered with worker bees flying to and fro on their mission to serve colony and Queen.

At the path's end is the venerable cottage where the story of Honey House Pottery begins.  Turning the vintage knob on the weathered front door, the traveler trades the buzz of the bee for the hum of the wheel as they enter the vintage house where artisans and friends with a passion for pottery gather to turn simple clay into hand-thrown works of art.